Instructions for use Alfazone

in Portugal approved a new tool to increase potency: Alfazone capsules. The drug is available in the form of capsules with a soluble shell. The unique formula is based on natural ingredients of medicinal plants, which guarantee the safety of the product. The active ingredients have a cumulative property, therefore, to achieve the desired effect, the capsules must be taken according to the instructions.

How to use Alfazone

Alfazone are soluble capsules

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction it is recommended to take one capsule morning and evening before or during meals, drinking plenty of clean water without gas. The course of treatment can last from 30 days, depending on the form and severity of the erectile dysfunction. In order to prevent the drug can last 10-15 days, one capsule per day. To stimulate an erection before sexual intimacy, you need to drink two capsules 15-20 minutes before the intended act.

Indications for use of Alfazone capsules:

The reasons for the development of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido may be different, but there are a number of signs by which it is possible to determine the presence of a problem. The indications for taking Alfazone are:

  • weak attraction or its absence;
  • disappearance of morning or night erections;
  • too long an interval between the initiation of lovemaking and the appearance of an erection;
  • difficulty in reaching orgasm, pleasure itself is mildly expressed;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • decrease in the amount of sperm excreted;
  • the impossibility of a repeated act after a short rest;
  • erection comes quickly, but disappears before the act;
  • complete helplessness.

Contraindications for Alfazone capsules

Not recommended for children under 18 (only after puberty). Although clinical studies have not revealed allergic reactions, people with individual intolerance to one of the components of the composition (damian, ginseng or zinc) should better refrain from using the capsules. Also, they can not be used in the presence of oncological diseases of the genitourinary system.